Master Key Systems

Master key systems can be used in a number of different situations, not just for commercial or industrial properties - but domestic, too. The master key system is ideal for Landlords who have more than 1 or 2 properties but do not wish to carry huge bunches of keys to every property they own.

With the master key system the landlord can have a grand master key which gives them access to all properties with just a single key. The next level key could be a sub master which allows the landlord to give keys to a workman to gain access to a specific set of properties for work to be carried out (e.g.  sub master will open 5 out of a group of 20 houses). The last key on the system would be the servant key which is the key the landlord gives to his tenant and allows them to gain access not only through their own room door but access through the main door to the property too, also cutting down the number of keys the tenant has to carry.

These systems can be put onto an open section key (can be cut anywhere) or they can be put onto a restricted key section (only authorised by a signature) thus allowing the master key system owner to keep control of how many people have keys.

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